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Your guide to corporate gifting this holiday season

Want to nurture a relationship with an old, valuable client? Or say ‘thank you’ to a stellar employee? Corporate gifting is the way to go and there’s no better way to do it than the holiday season. But don’t just send them a soulless gift for the sake of it. Send them one that’s thoughtful and meaningful. This will show them that you are attentive and respectful, as well as care about their needs and wants. If you’re not sure where to begin with corporate gifting, this Pacific Prime UK article will explain the why and how of it.

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The importance of corporate gifting 

Business is all about winning clients and cultivating relationships, and providing a good service (through capable, well-trained, motivated, and friendly employees) to keep clients coming back for more. While providing gifts can’t compensate for a poor client experience or terrible products/service, it can definitely be the icing on top if you’ve already got all the key pieces in place. Here are a few reasons why you should consider corporate gifting this holiday season.

1. It makes sure the client remembers you 

Have you heard the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’? If there’ s a client you’ve worked with before but haven’t heard from in a while, sending a thoughtful gift reminds them of you. It’s like an unspoken gesture saying that you’re still there and you’re still available, and that they’re free to reach out to you if they need your services. 

2. It makes you seem grateful and appreciative 

Whether you’re gifting a client or an employee, you’ll also come across as grateful for and appreciative of the other person. This is particularly relevant for employees because appreciation makes them feel valued and enhances their performance, bringing about a number of spillover benefits for your business. 

3. It contributes to a positive corporate culture 

The ideal workplace environment is one where employees feel accepted, comfortable, and valued. Not only does giving gifts make an individual employee feel valued, but it also contributes to the wider corporate culture that will make it easier for your business to attract and retain stellar employees and work with the best clients across the board. 

4. It boosts morale during the holiday season 

Did you know that productivity and morale tends to dip during the holiday season? It’s no surprise as employees are already in the mood to switch off. As such, gifting during this time can do wonders to lift employees’ spirits and your services. If you want to go all out when boosting morale, you can also consider a holiday-themed celebration:

5. It reflects your values as a business 

In this day and age, both clients and employees care about the values of your business. They want to know what your environment policy is, what your anti-slavery policy is, and much more. By choosing your gifts wisely, you’re also reflecting your business values and communicating that to your stakeholders. 

The dos and don’t of corporate gifting 

Now that you’re on board with corporate gifting, where do you begin in your search for suitable gifts? As no one likes sending (or receiving) gifts that are destined to sit on the back of shelves, and sending potentially inappropriate gifts can be awkward to say the least, we’ve come up with some do’s and don’ts of corporate gifting. 


  • Do make it practical: If you want to give a gift that the recipient is almost definitely going to use, try giving something practical like a mug or a t-shirt. What’s more, practical gifts also create less wastage. 
  • Do make it personal: Personalizing gifts shows the recipient that you put some thought into their gift. Engraving their name on something or sending them their favourite chocolates does the trick!
  • Do be creative and have fun: Just because it’s a business setting doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and have fun. Interesting tea blends, unique calendars, and healthy snacks subscription box are some ideas.  
  • Do make a statement: Is your company against animal cruelty? Make sure you don’t give gifts made out of leather or other animal products. Do give gifts that reflect what your company stands for.


  • Don’t be cheap: There’s a time and place to cut costs, but gift giving isn’t one of them. Be generous – within reason, of course. This will show the recipient that you truly appreciate them. 
  • Don’t use gifts as bribes: On the other hand, gifts that are very expensive might be seen as an attempt to bribe the recipient. This will most likely backfire, causing more harm than good. 
  • Don’t be offensive: What is and isn’t offensive varies depending on the culture, so do be mindful of this when gift giving. Sending a bottle of wine to some might be perfectly acceptable, but not to someone who doesn’t drink. 
  • Don’t be overly promotional: While it’s okay to hand out company merchandise, that shouldn’t be the entirety of your gift giving. It’s hardly a token of appreciation if it’s something you’d hand out at an event or tradeshow. 

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