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Group and Corporate Health Insurance

Managing your employee benefits and other corporate insurance matters can be frustrating and time consuming. Pacific Prime UK is a global expert in designing, procuring, and administering company insurance solutions for businesses big and small. Our unique broker support model allows us to take responsibility for a number of key policy areas that can take the burden off of your HR and benefits teams (such as complex multi-jurisdictional insurance platforms), leaving them to focus on more important matters.

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Group and Corporate Health Insurance

Group health insurance

Group health insurance can help any organisation provide medical coverage for its members. Oftentimes, it will come with perks and features that normal individual health insurance plans simply do not, such as coverage for pre-existing conditions, maternity insurance, wellness benefits, and more. Get an online quote to find out more about which plans provide which benefits or, better yet, talk to one of our representatives today.

Coverage for all businesses

Group health insurance is for businesses and organisations of all kinds. From small businesses to SMEs to multinational corporations, businesses of virtually any size can make use of the products we have on offer. Even non-profit organisations can acquire group health insurance for staff.

Pacific Prime UK also specializes in providing group insurance to schools.

Benefits of choosing group insurance

There are a number of great reasons to secure group health insurance:

  • Staff retention
  • Attract top talent
  • Broader coverage than individual plans
  • Cost controls
  • Wellness benefits
  • And many more

Other service features

With Pacific Prime UK, you will get a level of value and service unrivaled by our competitors. Go with Pacific Prime for:

  • Expert consultation
  • Plan usage analysis
  • Policy benchmarking
  • A dedicated service team
  • Insurer negotiation
  • Easy renewals
  • Claims assistance

Why choose group health insurance?

Group health insurance allows a company to expand the insurance pool to include all staff members, and perhaps even their families. In addition, it helps spread out the risk to the insurer, which allows group medical plans to include desirable features like pre-existing condition coverage.

Customize your plan to fit your needs

Designing the perfect group health insurance plan can be an ordeal. Get it done as simply and as easily as possible by getting in touch with us today.

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