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Employee Benefits

Pacific Prime offers bespoke employee benefits plans that can meet your company's unique coverage needs, while also aligning with the latest market trends from the UK’s best employee benefits providers.

Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits in the UK

Employee benefits are supplemental incentives provided to employees, in addition to a worker’s normal salary or wages and other employee’s rights as described in the UK’s work law. 

Employee benefits plans are designed to help foster employee satisfaction and wellbeing and could include benefits ranging from vision care plans and flexible working hours to company car allowance and wellness programs.

What does a competitive employee benefits plan in the UK cover?

A competitive employee benefits plan in the UK usually consists of certain core employee benefits required by the law.

In addition to these, a comprehensive employee benefits package can include the following: 

Private group health insurance for the employee and their family

Comprehensive group health insurance policies are a pillar of successful employee benefits packages and can cover a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Inpatient and outpatient care
  • Dental care
  • Vision care
  • Maternity care 
  • Private hospital access 
  • Direct billing 
  • Varying levels of geographic coverage

Wellness programmes and packages

Wellness programmes and packages are gaining popularity among employee benefits offerings. They can be an integral way to not only boost your employees' mental, physical and spiritual health but also bolster their productivity. Wellness plans can feature a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Access to Employee Assistance Programmes
  • Counselling
  • Health screenings
  • Health seminars
  • Company sports events
  • Smoking cessation programmes

Group life and disability insurance 

Offering the right group life and disability insurance ensures that no matter what happens to your employees, they will have a safety net, and they will be thankful for the extra layer of protection you offer them. Fully flexible in the scope of coverage, these plans feature options for a range of critical illnesses and disabilities, allowing different benefit schemes for you to offer to your employees.

As today's modern workforce becomes increasingly diverse, the ability to choose from a range of employee benefits perks is highly desirable. Talk to Pacific Prime UK’s employee benefits advisors today for professional advice on different benefits as well as processes involved in designing and securing the best package from the UK’s top employee benefits providers. 

The best employee benefits providers in the UK

As an employee benefits broker, Pacific Prime UK works with the country’s best employee benefits providers - many of them being top international insurance companies.

Not only do we work with the best employee benefits providers on the market, but we also possess all the necessary know-how to help you design and implement an employee benefits package that meets your needs and budgets. Our broker framework method consist of three steps: 

How do I design and implement the right employee benefits plan?
Need help finding a UK employee benefits solution?

Delivering the best insurance solutions for companies in the UK is Pacific Prime's specialty. From financial firms to law firms, and every industry in between, we’ve got the right employee benefits solutions to insure and secure your business and valued employees. Contact us today for a free employee benefits review for your company!

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