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How will Brexit affect our holiday plans?

The fate of the UK has been decided. After almost 4 years of wrangling and negotiations, the UK is finally leaving the 27-member bloc at 11:00 GMT on 31 January 2020.

According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the UK has “crossed the Brexit finish line” after Parliament passed legislation to implement the withdrawal deal. From 1 February, the UK will enter into an 11-month transition period in which it will continue to follow EU rules but without representation in the bloc’s institutions.

Now, with all that’s happening above, most of you may be wondering about what impact, if any, this will have on your holiday plans within the UK and Europe. So in today’s article by Pacific Prime UK, we have put together frequently asked questions and answers to help readers understand better the situation for the year.

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Brexit advice for travellers after 31 January 2020

As many travellers will know, Europe is the number one overseas destination for UK travellers. So, naturally, with the UK ending its membership with the EU, many British holidaymakers will have questions about what Brexit will mean for their holiday plans to countries in the EU.

The latest advice from travel bodies such as ABTA (Association of British Agents), states that upon reaching a deal, the UK will enter a transition period after Brexit until the end of December 2020.

The good thing about this news is that your travel plans for 2020 will not be thrown into turmoil by Brexit, and you can most definitely go ahead with your travel plans wherever in Europe. Of course, this also means that valid British passports can still be used, and the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) will remain valid for the current 2020 year.

Frequently asked questions on Brexit and holiday planning

Below we have put together answers to a few frequently asked questions that may prove useful for travellers to Europe in 2020.

Will our flights to and from the EU still operate?

Yes. If a withdrawal deal is agreed upon between EU officials and the UK government, then the UK will fall into a transition period, meaning everything will stay the same until the end of December 2020, and flights for the current year will continue servicing as normal.

Will our ferry and cruise ship plans still sail?

Regardless of Brexit, ferries and cruises will still sail as the rules under which they operate are not based on EU rules, but are international.

Will my coach journey still operate to and from Europe?

Yes. Coaches will still be able to travel to and from the EU, and around EU countries as usual.

Will the Eurostar trains from the UK to the EU and vice versa, still operate?

Eurostar trains from the UK to the EU will continue to operate as usual as services are expected to be maintained. This also includes timetable and terms and conditions following Brexit. Robust plans are in place to ensure that travellers are not impacted in any way, shape or form, and the train company providing passengers updated information on the transition into 2020.

Will I need a visa to travel to the EU after Brexit?

No. UK travellers won’t need a visa to travel to the EU after Brexit. Once a deal has been struck, UK travellers can still use their UK passport to freely move around Europe during the transition period.

Should I purchase travel insurance for Brexit?

Yes, but not specifically because of Brexit only. The best advice for any traveller to Europe is to always secure travel insurance. Businesses may also want to consider securing business travel insurance for employees that travel frequently abroad. The reality, as we all know, is that things won’t always go according to plan, and there will be times when having a safety net to safeguard you from all those worries like finances can be extremely helpful.

Travel insurance, for those that are unaware, helps to provide a safety net by covering against unexpected medical costs, trip cancellations, lost luggage or belongings, or any other losses incurred while travelling, either internationally or domestically.

Pacific Prime UK encourages those that are travelling in the EU and beyond for their holidays, to check out travel insurance plans that will offer adequate coverage including for medical conditions. Contacting an insurance brokerage, such as Pacific Prime UK, is beneficial as we will provide you with impartial advice on travel insurance and dive into details of such policies.

Can Pacific Prime UK provide travel insurance plans to individuals and families in the UK?

Yes, Pacific Prime UK does much more! We work with several insurance carriers to provide comprehensive individual insurance plans, family health insurance plans, and group insurance plans. Our global insurance partners include:

If you are making future holiday plans for the year and would like to inquire about travel or health insurance, then contact us today for a thorough comparison of the plans available and receive a free quote!

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