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Cigna is a global health service company offering various health insurance solutions for individual, business, and corporate clients. Learn more about the company and get a FREE Cigna quote here!

About Cigna in the UK


As part of Cigna Corporation (NYSE:CI), Cigna Europe is a global health service company with roots in the US, serving over 180 million customers and patients in multiple countries and jurisdictions throughout the world (including in the UK). Cigna Europe has more than 60 years of experience designing, implementing, and managing health insurance plans for globally-mobile individuals, as well as for domestic and international employees from various European corporations, international organisations (IGOs and NGOs) and governments. 

Cigna Europe strives to help people achieve or maintain their health goals - something they believe is important in the face of health concerns like chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, and behavioural issues. As such, Cigna Europe’s vision is to be the whole health partner of choice to the people they serve throughout their lives. With their affordable, comprehensive, and flexible health insurance solutions, as well as their focus on innovation, Cigna Europe is committed to meeting the dynamic needs of their customers and empowering them to proactively manage their health.



Health insurance solutions by Cigna in the UK

In the UK, Cigna offers a suite of insurance products for individuals, organisations, and groups - all of which can be tailored to meet your needs. As a registered broker in the UK, we work with Cigna to offer the following insurance products:


Whether you’re a global professional, family, retiree, or a student, Cigna’s international health insurance gives you access to private healthcare services across the world. You can choose from a range of cover levels and personalisation options to find the right plan for you, and have ultimate flexibility in terms of choice of doctor and treatment facility. 


Cigna offers company health insurance for both small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations, tailoring their product range and benefits to suit your organisation’s needs. Their modular options also make it easy for you to build a localised, cost-effective solution that prioritises your employees’ health and wellbeing - no matter where in the world their assignment takes them. 

Intergovernmental (IGOs) and non-governmentorganisations (NGOs):

When it comes to IGOs and NGOs, Cigna has the ability to support staff members in areas of conflict or countries with limited infrastructure. They have dedicated lines that provide vital support in crisis situations as well as during illness or injury - both globally and locally. Calling upon an extensive network of health professionals, Ciga ensures your staff members get the best possible care - no matter how remote the location they’re in is. 


Get in touch with Pacific Prime UK for a quote today!

If you’re ready to secure a plan today or would simply like to learn more about Cigna in the UK, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with the team at Pacific Prime UK. As a knowledgeable, experienced, and reputable brokerage, there are a number of advantages when it comes to working with us rather than going directly to the insurer:

  • We are 100%impartial: Working with a range of insurance providers - not just Cigna, we don’t favour any particular insurer and can be completely impartial when recommending an insurer and/or plan to you. Rest assured, we’ll make sure the plan you opt for is truly the best option based on your needs and budget. 

  • We are service-minded: Insurance can be complicated, but our service-mindedness makes things easy for you. We help with filling out insurance application forms, liaising and negotiating with insurers, submitting claims for reimbursement, supporting you during the renewal process, and more. 

  • We are affordable: Our premiums are the same as what the insurer would charge you, and we also don’t charge anything extra for our aforementioned value-added services. Contrary to what most people assume, going to the insurer directly isn’t cheaper. This is because insurers rely on brokers like us to help sell their products. 

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