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7 Ways to Inspire Your Employees Through Corporate Values

One of the first things to do when striving to motivate your employees or improve your business’ culture is to define your corporate values. But that’s not all, however.

Truly understanding your core values and instilling them across your organization is crucial to motivating your employees and helping them feel a sense of belonging. A few ways to foster these principles are through effective communication, hiring practices, and reward systems, among other methods.

In this Pacific Prime UK article, we’ll outline the seven ways to maintain employee motivation through corporate values.

1. Always Communicate

First of all, the company’s corporate values must be clear so that employees can emulate them. The leaders must lead by example by living up to the core values. Otherwise, the employees will not only refuse to absorb those values but also develop a negative perception.

For more authenticity about your company’s core values, begin to uncover identity by gathering stories, milestones, and other facts that highlight the essence of your organization, and then identify the recurring, unique themes surrounding those values.

Nowadays, employees are more interested in where their companies stand on burning issues such as social justice and political tensions. Not taking a stand can be more damaging than leaving these conversations at the door.

Thus, encouraging employees to openly question actions that are misaligned with the company’s visions gives a more authentic approach to course correction and adds more to the intent behind the company culture.

2. Hire (or Not) Based on Your Corporate Values

Another way to bring in fresh talent is to publicly display your fundamental principles.. Demonstrating how your company prioritizes employee well-being and sets clear expectations can attract candidates who resonate with your values and are likely to stay for the long run.

Values are intrinsic, unlike experience and skill, which can be acquired. Use tailored questions during the hiring process to assess whether the candidate fits the company’s culture, and avoid hiring individuals who may not share those beliefs.

3. Adopt and Adapt Shared Values

Integrating core values involves embracing diversity. Blindly or strictly following values can potentially hinder an employee’s creativity. Thus, it’s better to welcome diverse perspectives and approaches, so employees can contribute unique ideas while still following the company’s principles.

To keep employees motivated, team leaders need to demonstrate these values. Start by finding core values that resonate with team members and using them as guiding principles. Reminding them periodically of the company’s core values helps ensure that everyone is aligned with the same goals.

4. Assess the Company’s Identity On Important Issues

Getting a clearer sense of your organization’s identity helps you know where it stands on different issues and how to communicate and act accordingly. When your purpose is clear, it can affect how you act within the company, where you invest resources outside, and what matters most to you.

Once you’ve nailed down what’s most important and unique about your organization, you can think about social issues in that light. While your organization might support some causes, it might not be on board with others and might stay neutral on some issues.

When your purpose is clear, it’s easier for managers to answer questions about what your company stands for.

5. Recognize and Reward

Recognizing and rewarding employees who live by your company’s values doesn’t just make them happy. It also sets a good example for others and encourages similar behavior. Rewards can be a simple thank you, gifts, or experiences, and it’s not just up to management to choose who gets recognized.

Peer recognition is just as important, as it ensures that good behavior doesn’t go unnoticed and encourages everyone to live by their values. Whatever method you choose to show recognition, do it regularly and quickly to make the biggest impact, thereby reinforcing positive behavior.

At the same time, keeping someone who conflicts with your company values portrays a negative image to the rest of the team. Upholding standards and addressing inappropriate behavior, regardless of performance, maintains team morale and keeps the values sacred.

6. Visualize your Values

After establishing the company’s core values, it’s time to make them visible in the workplace. Put them in busy spots such as the reception, break rooms, and conference rooms so everyone can keep them in mind.

Also, share them on your company’s website and in the employee handbook. However, this might not be enough to keep your current staff focused on these values. Consider creating a “culture deck” – a simple and shareable way to bring your values to life.

Culture decks are gaining popularity in the world of HR. They’re visual representations of what your company cares about most. Keep them easy to understand with examples and a conversational tone. Think of it as having a handbook in slide form—a clear and true reflection of your workplace culture.

7. Coach Your Values through Employee Training

To make sure your core values sink in, it’s important to take time to train your staff on what they mean and how to implement them. If you’re introducing new values to your team, add this training to their development sessions.

For instance, if teamwork is a core value, organize team-building activities to encourage collaboration, reflecting other values like diversity and fairness.

During performance discussions, highlight how team members demonstrate values or suggest ways they can embody them. This reinforces their contribution and fosters a sense of purpose, boosting retention and workplace satisfaction.

Lastly, leading by example with core values showcases how they can be carried out daily, celebrates those who embody them, and encourages others to follow.

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