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Top Employee Recognition Ideas for Christmas

As we approach the holiday season, it is important to take a moment to recognise the dedication and hard work of the individuals who form the backbone of your company. For many employees, 2023 has been a long and tiring year as businesses are bouncing back after the pandemic slump. 

In other words, there is no better time than now to show that you truly appreciate all that they’ve done throughout the year. In this Pacific Prime UK article, you’ll find ideas for employee recognition during Christmas to keep staff productivity and retention high.

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Why Is Employee Recognition During Christmas Important?

You rely on your staff all year round to make your business run. Many of them are stellar workers and deserve to be recognized. On top of that, employee appreciation has a huge impact on staff engagement. Naturally, this also affects staff productivity and retention by extension.

What Does the Research Say?

Research by Quantum Workplace shows that employees with high levels of engagement bring several benefits to your organisation. They produce substantially better outcomes. They are also less likely to be burnt out and are in a better headspace to provide excellent service to customers.

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Highly-engaged workers are more likely to remain with your organisation. Let’s take a look at the statistics from management consulting company Gallup. Businesses that frequently recognize employees are:

  • Likely to see retention increase by 41%
  • Likely to see engagement increase by 34%
  • Likely to see absenteeism decrease by 41%

What Keeps Employees Engaged?

Aside from recognition, there are also other factors that keep employees engaged, including a clear job role, opportunities to do what’s best and in one’s interest, and new skills and abilities development at work. These points are hugely beneficial in the long run for any business.

Besides, strong coworker relationships and working towards a common purpose go hand in hand as there is a clear understanding of what is expected. Employees are also more likely to stay if you take and act on feedback. Note that managers have influence over most of these factors.

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Tips on Writing Christmas Messages to Employees

Here are several tips on writing the perfect appreciative message to your staff.

  • Recognise and thank them for their contributions to your organisation.
  • Recognise their positive attributes. For instance, if they get along well with others, bring this up and praise them for it. Don’t forget to show your appreciation in public as well.
  • Holiday messages from higher-ups are especially powerful. Being recognised by executives increases productivity and engagement.
  • Encourage everyone to speak up when they have concerns or suggestions. Then, thank them for their feedback.
  • Thank each of your team members individually.
  • Don’t limit employee appreciation to special occasions. In fact, for maximum effect, this should be done frequently and all year round.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Employee Recognition

Choosing a gift for anyone can be a difficult task, let alone your staff. Below is a list of gift ideas for all budgets and needs.

1. Extra Time Off

Working from home (WFH) doesn’t necessarily mean having more family or personal time. Your employees could be juggling both work and parenting duties at the same time.

This is particularly the case with female staff members. With an extra day off, they can use it at their discretion and finally get some well-deserved rest.

2. Gifts to Make Working From Home More Comfortable

Your staff spend the majority of their time at their desk, so it’s a good idea to turn it into a more welcoming space. Slippers, socks, and scarves are perfect for the cold winter. Alternatively, a travel pillow or a throw blanket are good choices in case they need to recharge with power naps.

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3. Practical Gifts

Everyone loves a gift that can be used in daily life. Self-cleaning thermos is a great convenience. Your workers are also likely to appreciate a good quality backpack or a pair of headphones.

4. Food

With global inflation that affects all areas of our lives, many people have turned to cooking instead of dining out. Unfortunately, some people are just not meant to be chefs, while others are short on time.

A subscription service like Blue Apron can lend a helping hand. They provide prepared ingredients and an easy-to-follow recipe for balanced home cooked meals. On the other hand, chocolate and candies make great festive treats.

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5. Grooming and Relaxation

Scented candles, hand cream, or even a foot hammock are great for relaxation. Bring a little colour to their desks with potted plants. Alternatively, a tea set with stress-reducing tea like chamomile would work too.

6. Subscription Gifts

One of the best gifts for career skills advancement is a subscription-based service like Skillshare or Coursera. An Audible or snack box subscription is also a good idea.

7. Gift Cards

Can’t make up your mind on what to buy for your employees? Gift cards at popular shopping websites and stores are always welcome.

Feel free to ask yourself if your employees have special interests, hobbies, pets, passions, or kids Ultimately, it’s the thought that counts.


Secure Corporate Health Insurance

Good health is the ultimate gift. Your employees will feel truly recognised with a good corporate health insurance plan. Naturally, a corporate wellness program like Wellness Wednesday is also a step towards giving back to your workers.

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