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Advanced Health Insurance Quote Tool

Our advanced health insurance quote tool is a great way to quickly compare insurance policies between insurers. Input your info for customized quote that's tailored to your needs.

Pacific Prime’s Online Quotation System

online quote tool


Pacific Prime has invested heavily in creating a tailored IT system to facilitate staff when providing market leading advice to clients. 2013/2014 saw the launch of a brand new customer focused online quotation system boasting a powerful comparison tool which contains all the information needed for selecting an insurance plan. 

Access and Speed

Modify fields to specify your needs, add or remove people to the quote for dynamic pricing and compare different plans side by side with an easy to read comparison page.

The quote system is able to produce a fully personalised quote in less than 10 seconds and can be edited even after the results are displayed.

Comprehensive Detail

ŸWith adaptable quotes and differences in plan options, currency, deductibles, etc. we have reached up to 30,000 different plan combinations and a staggering total of 370 thousand benefit combinations across all plans.

ŸIf users have specific concerns or have specific details that need to be included in their insurance, such as Emergency Evacuation, these features can also be added or removed.

ŸA full document on each plan is available for anyone seeking further information on prospective plans, including details ranging from the Excess to the process of Claims Handling.

ŸOnce up to 4 comparison choices have been made the system presents an easily digestible visual chart that highlights the benefits concerned.

Available Remotely

ŸWhat you see on the comparison tool is what our staff also see, meaning you’ll be able to call us and talk in detail about the exact plans you are considering.Ÿ  

Pacific Prime trains staff to the highest levels of insurance knowledge which you can read more about here.

If you would like to speak to one of our staff about how to use the online comparison tool please contact us now.

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