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Retiree Health Insurance

A person's golden years are typically the time when they will need their health insurance the most. However, it can also be the time when health insurance is the hardest to obtain. Find out a bit more about medical insurance for retirees here, and get a free comparison of available plans and a free quote.

Retiree Health Insurance

About Retiree Health Insurance

Sure, United Kingdom citizens can generally depend on the NHS to address their health concerns at any age, and this can be especially true when people retire and are on a fixed income. It's also true, though, that many Brits like to live abroad after their working days are done. 

In cases like this, the NHS is not going to pay for overseas care, so UK citizens must avail themselves of a private health insurance policy to ensure they receive the healthcare they need. Fortunately, Pacific Prime specializes in international health insurance plans for retirees that provide medical benefits in virtually any country around the world, thereby providing high quality medical care wherever you go.

Age limit

Different insurers will have different policies regarding the maximum age of the individuals they will insure. While some insurers will cut off new clients at the age of 65, 70, or older, there are still others that provide plans with no maximum age limit and lifetime renewability. 

Want to know which are which? Let Pacific Prime show you a plan comparison today. 

Pre-existing and chronic condition

When it comes to a health insurance policy covering as many conditions as possible, time is of the essence.

Any diseases or injuries that occured during a person's life prior to purchasing a health insurance policy will likely be considered pre-existing conditions and excluded from coverage.

Already coping with a chronic condition? Talk to us about available plans that will cover your pre-existing conditions.

Living abroad after retirement

Pacific Prime has international health insurance plans available from global health insurers that can provide you with top-notch private medical care in your new home country, back at home in the UK, and in any other country you may travel to. Choose any hospital, clinic, or doctor you like.

Comprehensive coverage

Whatever level of coverage you need, Pacific Prime has you covered. Get a plan that is fully comprehensive, a plan that covers only catastrophic illness, or anything in between.

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