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William Russell

William Russell is an independent provider of global insurance solutions for expats, families, and international businesses and their employees. Get William Russell quotes from Pacific Prime today!

William Russell Health Insurance

Founded in 1992 by Inez and James Cooper, William Russell has grown over the past 30 years from a family-run business in Surrey, UK, to a leading provider of international health, life, and income protection insurance, as well as employee benefits plans. The international insurance provider operates around the globe, protecting expatriates and their dependents, frequent travellers, startups, charities, government entities, global multinational corporations, and more. With a strong workforce of 75 insurance experts and members in over 160 countries, William Russell offers what you need for peace of mind.

What are the types of plans offered by William Russell?

William Russell offers a wide range of international insurance plans underwritten by AWP Health & Life SA, an Allianz group company. The main plans offered include:

International health insurance

Looking for a guarantee that you’ll have your medical bills covered while living and working abroad? William Russell’s health plans are designed for individuals, including expats and frequent travellers, and various levels of cover to suit members’ specific requirements and budgets. 

Top benefits and options

A William Russell international health insurance plan guarantees access to top hospitals and doctors worldwide, covering cancer treatment, mental health treatment, and more. Members can customise an international health insurance plan to include a range of optional extras, such as dental coverage.

International life insurance

A general life insurance plan only covers death in the country in which the insurance plan was secured. However, a William Russell life insurance plan is designed for people specifically living and working abroad, namely expats and their loved ones, adventurers, and frequent travellers. 

Excellent benefits for expats and digital nomads

With William Russell’s life insurance plans, members can renew annually from around the globe and insure their lives by up to 20 times their annual salary (up to USD $2 million). If a member is diagnosed with a terminal illness which reduces life expectancy to 12 months or less, then William Russell will pay the life benefit early. 

Additionally, a cash lump sum is also available if members opt to increase their cover for death by accident. The above and more are such benefits offered by William Russell that offer true peace of mind.

International income protection insurance

Need to protect your income and lifestyle? William Russell has what you need. With international income protection insurance, members receive regular income benefits if they cannot work due to an unforeseen illness or injury while living and working abroad. Additionally, members receive help and support from a team of global experts who genuinely know what’s required by expats. 

Get trademark personal service and other benefits

William Russell puts members at the centre of their decision-making. As such, members get to decide the amount of cover, up to 80% of salary (but subject to a USD $144,000 limit). 

Additionally, members can choose a three or six-month deferment period and apply up to the age of 60. At the same time, a dedicated account manager is always on standby to handle any claims. Last but not least, flexibility and fair treatment at William Russell, means members retain the right to cancel during the first 30 days of purchasing their plan.

International employee benefit plans

Today, the needs of employees have changed dramatically, from navigating the recent global COVID-19 pandemic to tackling mental health issues. Employers are now left with multiple challenges, and seeking solutions can be difficult. But William Russell can help. 

The international employee benefits provider can help employers discover the right insurance coverage for their employees while improving the bottom line. From a tailored group insurance plan for motivated and content employees to group life and income protection plans that offer complete peace of mind, William Russell offers a robust portfolio of employee benefit solutions to keep employees at their best - spiritually, financially, mentally, and physically.

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William Russell client testimonials

Wondering what members have said about William Russell? Here are some of William Russell’s testimonials by clients from Feefo, an independent customer feedback platform:

“Their life insurance plan perfectly fits my needs as an Expat. Not sure where I’m going to be in five years. I would definitely recommend this plan to anyone in a similar situation.” - William Russell’s client

“I receive timely notification of when my payment is due and when it has been paid. I would recommend William Russell and would consider using other products that are relevant to me.” - William Russell’s client

"I have used William Russell on many occasions for my medical insurance. I work overseas, and they always get me a very good quote, are prompt, courteous, and will always respond to my emails on the same day." - William Russell's clients

"Very happy with my plan. Renewal process [is] efficient and straightforward. My prior experience with claims processing has been fair and efficient. Reasonable requests for information. Claims payments [are] relatively prompt. I have verbally recommended them to friends and work colleagues." - William Russell's client


The benefits of approaching a broker versus going with an insurer

In reality, many insurance providers like William Russell can offer a plethora of insurance plans for your needs and budget. However, it goes without saying that approaching each insurer to ensure you get the best deal can be a tedious and time-consuming process. So this is where a global insurance broker like Pacific Prime can help. 

We are in an excellent position to offer dozens, if not hundreds, of plan comparisons from different insurance partners around the globe, including those from William Russell. With Pacific Prime, you’ll save time and get value-added services, such as impartial advice, plan and claims management, benchmarking of plans in the market, keep up with the latest insurance trends, and more.

Contact Pacific Prime

While your first action is to head straight to an insurer, contacting a reputable insurance broker like Pacific Prime may yield greater benefits. You could save yourself money in terms of premiums, precious time, and more when searching for a suitable plan. Hence, Pacific Prime is your one-stop broker for all your expat, family, and corporate needs.

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