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Vitality offers health, life and car insurance that reward you for making positive lifestyle choices. Get in touch with Pacific Prime UK to acquire the best-fitting Vitality health insurance policy for you.

About Vitality


Discovery Holdings owns Vitality, a leading global insurer with more than 4.4 million clients. Vitality is a leading UK health and life insurance company. As the first insurance company in the UK to reward people for healthy living, Vitality's award-winning health and life coverage can be customised so that you get the ideal protection at the best possible price. 

The insurance giant has an unshakable core purpose running through everything it does; to make people healthier and to protect and enhance their lives. The company achieves this by encouraging choices that are good for you, good for everyone around you, and good for the company as well.

Making a positive difference through the Vitality Programme 

Vitality helps people make better lifestyle choices by lending a helping hand. For instance, 25 years ago, the insurance organisation created the Vitality Programme. It is now the world’s largest incentive-based health promotion programme. It is scientifically designed to encourage and reward people for having hoof lifestyle habits - being active, eating healthy, maintaining good mental health and driving by the rules carefully

"At Vitality, our core purpose - to make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives - is at the heart of everything we do as an organisation. And it is more relevant now than ever before." - Neville Koopowitz, CEO of Vitality UK.

How does Vitality help people better their lives?

Vitality believes that healthier people will lead to a healthier planet, and they believe in their Shared Value - how choosing sustainability can be good for you and everyone around you. Hence, Vitality and its parent group Discovery are committed to being carbon neutral by 2025, aims to reach Net Zero by 2050 and help 100 million people get 20% more active by 2025.

Insurance Solutions

Vitality offers a range of comprehensive life and health insurance solutions for individuals, families and groups of all sizes in the UK.

Health Insurance

  • Personal 
  • Self-employed
  • Small business 
  • Corporate business

Life Insurance

  • Life cover 
  • Serious illness cover
  • Income protection 
  • Mortgage protection 
  • Business protection

Car insurance

  • Car cover 
  • Electric car cover

Vitality customer reviews

“I'm really grateful to Vitality.”

Chris went for a check-up at his local pharmacy through his Vitality life insurance plan. Shocked, the nurse explained he needed to see his doctor immediately. A week later, Chris found out that he had type 2 diabetes. Here's how Vitality helped him.

Chris Schutrups

September 2017

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So, get in touch with Pacific Prime today for a FREE vitality quote or unbiased advice.

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