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APRIL International UK

APRIL International UK is an award-winning insurance specialist focused on prioritising clients' needs. Learn more about APRIL International’s insurance solutions for individuals and businesses.

About APRIL International in the UK

 Established in 1988 and head-quartered in Cedex, France, the global health insurance company specialises in international insurance and has over 40 years of experience tailoring plans and solutions to the needs of individuals and businesses. April UK

With their expertise in health and death and disability benefits, APRIL International can support expats, students, business travellers, employees, and retirees (on their own or with families) in over 180 countries. In addition, their broad network of over 5,000 partnered insurance professionals and a workforce of 280 insurance experts (and counting) allows the company to provide excellent service and help to over 150,000 insured members and 1,500 companies.

Global locations

The company operates out of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. And has administration centres in 12 strategic locations, including Paris, Bangkok, Mexico, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, the Philippines, and counting.

Pacific Prime, as an insurance brokerage, works closely with APRIL International to offer some of the best insurance solutions for individuals and businesses. To learn more about their plans and solutions, contact Pacific Prime’s experts for a FREE consultation and quote.

APRIL International’s insurance solutions

Looking for comprehensive coverage for your health needs in the UK or abroad? April International’s insurance solutions are designed to ensure you’re covered for private healthcare expenses in the UK and worldwide. 

By securing your insurance solutions through Pacific Prime UK, you can tailor your coverage to match your needs while achieving the peace of mind you desire when living in the UK or travelling to explore or work across the globe. There is a range of plans for individuals and employees at companies. Here are some to know from April International:

International health insurance

This plan is highly recommended for global travellers seeking comprehensive and flexible coverage with modular plans. Not only will you find complete medical coverage, but a global plan from April International will come with the following:

  • Direct billing, so you will have your costs covered for hospital and surgery bills almost anywhere in the world;
  • Emergency assistance, so you can reach out for help 24/7 for all your inquiries, including claims but also for an emergency evacuation back to where you live.
  • A secure Easy Claim app, which offers a seamless process to submit your claims through your phone; 
  • And more!

APRIL International’s international health insurance plans can also be either short-term or long-term. And provide coverage for adults and families, specifically students studying abroad.

Need help with picking a plan? Speak to our consultant for a list of specific plans that suit your needs and schedule.

Travel insurance

This is a must-have plan for frequent travellers, and APRIL International has just the right options. Designed to cover the unknowns for travellers, like flight cancellation and loss of property, the plan also offers basic medical coverage. With 24/7 assistance via their platforms, you will have access to support in case of an emergency during your travels or stay abroad.

Business health insurance for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

Employees’ needs have changed drastically in the last few years, and one of the benefits at the top of everyone’s wish list is a flexible, convenient business health insurance plan. 

That said, APRIL International has plans that cover pre-existing conditions, and when outpatient coverage is included, employees can also access their expansive direct billing network. This ensures employees can receive medical treatment for their needs and not worry about paying out of pocket so that they can focus on their recovery and return to work sooner.

As for HR professionals and business leaders in the UK, APRIL International business health insurance plans are flexible, meaning it is easy to set different benefits for different employee levels. This way, the needs of employees can be met with ease.

APRIL International reviews

Over the years, April International has received many reviews for its products and services. Here are some to read about:

  • “Excellent and professional service.”
  • “Honestly, I wouldn’t [think] that applying for insurance would be that easy, especially abroad!”
  • “Good and competent communication within Germany and with the people in Paris.”
  • “I had a lot of questions regarding APRIL International's Crystal Studies policy and the process of applying for this. Their staff was super responsive and was able to answer my inquiries very quickly. It made me feel very reassured to subscribe to my insurance policy online.”

Get a FREE Pacific Prime UK quote today!

Pacific Prime, a global insurance brokerage, is well-positioned to advise you on the types of plans offered by APRIL International. The insurer works closely with intermediaries like Pacific Prime UK, a sub-division of Pacific Prime Global, to distribute their products and services and ensure that clients are managed and cared for throughout their insurance journey. 

As such, some of the main benefits of securing a plan through Pacific Prime UK, rather than going directly to APRIL International, are as follows:

  • Impartiality - Our well-trained and experienced consultants provide complete, impartial advice across a range of plans from multiple insurers, which includes APRIL International.
  • Value-added services - While plans can be tailored to match your needs, Pacific Prime can offer more on top by providing excellent services. In fact, our process of reviewing several plans is unique to our company. Our insurance professional can:

- Assist in filling or denoting which forms to fill; 
- Simplify the steps you have to take to complete an application; 
- Negotiate your desired needs and terms with insurers and partners like April International; 
- Breakdown the entire insurance process for a better understanding; 
- Push your claims for reimbursement with, say, APRIL International or any other insurer; 
- And much more.

  • Global support and assistance wherever you may be - Pacific Prime operates out of 12 global offices and locations, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Cebu, Dublin, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur. While we may not have an office in all the countries where our clients are based, our ability to communicate and resolve insurance issues swiftly and efficiently is second to none.

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