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Aetna International

Among global health insurance companies, Aetna is certainly one of the most renowned and respected names in the industry. Pacific Prime UK can help you get a quality Aetna insurance policy with benefits that will fit your specific needs.

About Aetna International


Aetna International (previously called Aetna Global Benefits) operates with the goal of helping individuals address medical costs both in the UK and internationally to create a healthier world. Aetna International has been operating for 40 years and now has more than 800,000 clients across the globe. Note that Aetna in the US is the parent company of Aetna International. 

Aetna International strengthened their offerings in 2014 by acquiring insurer InterGlobal, thereby adding the provider’s portfolio of clients to their own. This acquisition primarily impacts areas in the world where InterGlobal typically operates, such as Singapore, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Aetna insurance solutions

Aetna International’s international health insurance plans are especially beneficial for expats since these plans offer coverage in virtually any hospital or country globally. What’s more, these plans come with minimal restrictions that offer peace of mind to their clients. 

However, Aetna’s insurance plans don’t end there. The insurer also provides a wide array of other health solutions to not just individuals, families and organisations, but also to governments, communities and more. Aetna insurance solutions include: 

  • Expat plans
  • Individual plans
  • Family plans
  • Group plans
  • Population health

Why you should choose an Aetna International plan

Individuals and businesses around the world continue to select Aetna International as their insurer of choice. Along with these clients, Aetna International also offers population health management solutions to large governments. Aetna continues to prove their commitment to creating a healthier global community in all that they do. Taking in billions of pounds in premiums annually and designing entire healthcare systems, Aetna International continuously demonstrates that they can handle clients of all sizes and industries.

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Whether you’re looking to secure an Aetna International plan or insurance plans from other insurers (e.g. life insurance in the UK), it’s recommended to work with a recognised and experienced insurance broker like Pacific Prime UK. With over 20 years of ‘simplifying insurance’, there are plenty of reasons why it’s in your best interest to work with a reputable broker like ours instead of going straight to an insurer. 

Pacific Prime UK works with different insurers and offers impartial advice with your needs and budget in mind. On top of that, you’ll get access to value-added services like:

  • Form-filling assistance
  • Claims and renewal support 
  • Insurer liaison and negotiation

You’ll get these services and more at the same cost as going directly to an insurance provider since we don’t charge anything extra. 

Get in touch with Pacific Prime UK for an obligation-free insurance consultation and a free plan comparison (including an Aetna International quote) today! 

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