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Expat Health Insurance

Learn the ins and outs of expat health insurance solutions in the United Kingdom.

Expat Health Insurance
Expat Health Insurance in the UK

Expat health insurance, aka international private health insurance, is designed to address the health needs of individuals residing and working in a foreign country, giving them the financial aid and peace of mind when they most need it.

What do expat health insurance plans cover?

Expat health insurance plans offer customizable and flexible coverage since every individual has their unique health needs and budget. Moreover, your treatment options (doctors, clinics, and hospitals) will not be limited by the care provider network like local health plans are.

A typical expat health insurance policy covers:

  • Inpatient and outpatient treatments
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation
  • CT, PET, and MRI scans
  • Chronic conditions
  • Second medical opinion services
  • Pre-existing condition coverage
  • Maternity care
  • Newborn child care
  • Dental care
  • Vision care

These above benefits can be included or excluded from your health plan, depending on your health needs. It is worthwhile to seek assistance from a reputable health insurance broker like Pacific Prime UK to help you determine your level of coverage, as well as compare plan options from a plethora of major insurers.

How do I find the right expat health insurance plan?

You should pay attention to the following four elements when seeking the right expat health insurance plan:

1. Can the policy truly meet my health needs?

This is the number one question to ask when you take out a health insurance plan. For example, if you are suffering from a chronic condition, you should double-check to confirm whether your medical condition will be viewed as a pre-existing condition by the insurer. If yes, the insurer may impose an excess or a waiting period, or even exclude the condition from the plan.

2. What are the benefits and limits?

Familiarising yourself with the benefits and limits of each plan can help you compare the coverage scope of each policy so that you can make a sensible decision. For instance, some plans may limit the number of users for certain benefits such as acupuncture, while others may impose a deductible so you may have to bear some of the costs.

3. What are the exclusions?

Different insurance policies have their own exclusions. It is important for you to check what medical conditions will not be reimbursed so that you can find the one that truly meets your needs.

4. How much value can you get from the plan?

While premiums are one of the main factors to consider when comparing plans, factors such as service quality, premium stability, and financial health of the insurer should not be neglected. Since these elements cannot be easily assessed just by reading the terms and conditions of the policy, it is a smart move to consult an insurance expert.


What is the cost of expat health insurance in the UK?
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Armed with 20 years of experience and partnerships with over 60 of the world’s leading insurers, Pacific Prime UK is an award-winning insurance broker that offers bespoke individual and group health insurance solutions. Our team of experts is adept at helping our clients find the best match for their needs and budget.

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