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Maternity Care in Singapore

All you need to know about having a baby in hospital in Singapore, includes maternity hospitals, maternity packages, costs, and registering your baby.


Maternity and NeoNatal Care in Singapore

Singapore has some of the best maternity and neonatal medical services available internationally. Women in Singapore have a wide range of choices when selecting an obstetrician; they can either go public or private, and both facilities will offer quality health care services.

Private hospitals in Singapore typically offer a higher level of health care service; women will experience shorter waiting periods, receive faster medical results, and have access to an on-site pharmacy and some of the best maternal and neonatal facilities available today. While Singapore hospitals deliver exceptional health care, maternity health care costs in Singapore are very expensive, especially when receiving medical care at a private facility.

Obstetricians in Singapore must be accredited by the Specialist Accreditation Board (SAB). The Obstetrician must have post graduate qualifications that are recognized by the SAB and have at least three years of experience within their specialty. Women can select their obstetrician at a public or private facility and receive their prenatal care at any of the Singapore hospitals listed below; many of which will offer a wide range of diagnostics, screenings and specialized treatments for fetal abnormalities.

Maternity packages are offered by many hospitals in Singapore, which will typically include antenatal consultations and delivery with an obstetrician of your choice. The cost of the maternity package will also be influenced by other factors such as a planned caesarians, the number of hospital days you're admitted, administration of epidurals, specialized neonatal assessments and whether you select a deluxe single or a multi-bed delivery room. The hospital will charge you extra for unplanned interventions such as medications to induce labour, antibiotics, blood transfusion, and neonatal care such as surgery or treatment for jaundice.

Maternity hospitals in Singapore can offer deluxe single rooms, two bed rooms, or delivery wards with up to 6 beds. Deluxe single delivery rooms (often classed as A1) are air conditioned and typically offer a sofa bed to accommodate family members. Single rooms will also include other comforts such as living area, ensuite bathroom, electrically powered beds, a private nurse, telephone and plasma television. Water birth facilities are available at the National University Hospital and the Raffles Hospital. Both private and public hospitals will offer single rooms, with the option to downgrade to a more affordable multi-bed room. Public hospital wards are naturally ventilated with air conditioned rooms available. Private hospitals will usually offer exceptional service including a la carte menus, butler service, head and shoulder massage, candlelit dinner, or host a party to celebrate the arrival of your baby.

Antenatal classes and support groups are offered by many Singapore maternity hospitals, offering women education and preparation for delivery and parenthood. Women will usually start their antenatal classes around 8 – 10 weeks before their baby is born, classes tend to book up early so its important to book in advance. Antenatal classes in Singapore cover various topics such as techniques for delivery, relaxation, bringing home your baby, breastfeeding, nutrition, weaning and post baby exercises. The KK Women and Childrens Hospital offer aqua aerobics and pre and post natal fitball classes, and one on one consultations with a physiotherapist at the Mount Alvernia Hospital. Baby massage classes are offered by the KK Women and Childrens Hospital and Mount Alvernia. Pediatricians, hematologists and other specialists offer talks at the Thomson Medical Centre and the Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

Many Singapore maternity hospitals will offer a maternity tour which will include a walk through the delivery rooms, maternity wards, and nursery. Here, women can compare the private delivery suites to the six bed delivery rooms to decide which room suits their individual needs.

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