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Compare Health Insurance
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Determining your coverage needs

Before you compare health insurance plans, it’s important to determine your healthcare needs. For example, if you have a pre-existing condition (e.g. cancer), you may want to search for an insurer that would agree to cover treatment for cancer. However, coverage for pre-existing conditions means that insurers will charge a higher premium, or attach a waiting period on pre-existing condition coverage. This is why Pacific Prime UK can help compare plans like pre-existing insurance.

Compare health insurance benefits 

Another point to keep in mind is that health insurance benefits vary depending on what you are looking for. Always ask yourself what benefits you would like to have in your plan. Below is a list of popular private health insurance benefits: 

If you are unsure about the type of benefits or coverage you need, contact our experts to receive the best advice today!  

How to compare health insurance

When comparing medical insurance plans online, they might look exactly the same on paper, but in fact, they vary a lot in terms of coverage, benefits, exclusions, customer service, accessibility, ease of claiming processes, etc. 

Once you know what you want in a health plan, you can find a quote using our online comparison tool (see below). The tool is designed to find you a quote and arrange for an insurance advisor to contact you. Our advisors are professionally trained to offer impartial advice and guidance.


Pacific Prime’s insurance comparison tool

If you’re an expat looking to compare health insurance in the UK or from anywhere around the world, you don’t have to look any further than Pacific Prime’s own insurance plan comparison tool! With it, you can access quotes from over 200 countries, compare plans from international and local insurers, and personalize the coverage you need for the price you can pay. 

To begin the plan comparison process, first include your age, gender, and primary country of coverage. After that, you can browse through plans by selecting different coverage options and deductibles. If you find a few plans that you'd like to explore more, you can easily compare two or more health insurance plans with the useful summary provided. 

What to consider when comparing health insurance

Besides the choice of benefits you want to have in your insurance policy, there are other aspects to consider when comparing medical insurance. 


When it comes to health insurance, the saying “you get what you pay for” is especially true. 

Finding the right balance between the cost and what the policy has to offer is not an easy task. For example, plans with cheaper premiums tend to be the ones that offer less effective coverage. Below are some common downsides associated with purchasing a cheaper plan:

  • Limited provider network
  • No worldwide coverage
  • Poor customer service
  • Low benefit limits
  • High out-of-pocket fees
  • An extensive list of exclusions

Pacific Prime can help tailor your health plan so that it only includes the benefits that you want to pay for, as well as the hospitals and clinics you want to be treated at. We can also advise on different strategies to help reduce the cost of your premium while ensuring you get what you need from your medical plan.

Coverage scope

When comparing medical insurance, people often overlook the finer details of their coverage. Besides the main benefits and their limits in the policy, it is important to consider other less noticeable things like:

  • Plan flexibility - This could refer to how easy it is to add a dependent on your plan or an important coverage benefit like maternity insurance.
  • Provider network - Usually, if a policyholder uses a hospital or clinic in the insurer’s provider network, he or she can enjoy a benefit called direct billing. Direct billing means a policyholder doesn't have to pay for treatments upfront, as the insurer has an agreement with the facility, and the bill is settled directly by the insurer (up to the policy limits, and other terms and conditions). 
  • Area of coverage - It is worth deciding whether the medical insurance plan you are purchasing covers you locally, internationally, or both. Worldwide plans are especially important for expats that are constantly on the move, or travel often between their home country and the current country of residence. Securing an international health insurance plan, commonly referred to as expat health insurance, may represent the best value for your health needs.


The majority of health insurance plans are secured for a period of one year, and must be renewed yearly. Some local plans tend to be renewable upon “mutual agreement”, meaning that the insurer has the right to refuse the renewal of your coverage, for example as a result of expensive claims or pre-existing conditions that have developed during the period of your policy. In contrast, international health plans tend to be “lifetime renewable”, and are considered more of a long term insurance solution than their local counterparts.

Compare health insurance with Pacific Prime

When it comes to comparing health insurance plans, your best bet would be to get started with a leading health insurance broker, like Pacific Prime.

With over two decades of experience advising individual and corporate clients across the globe on health plans, our expert consultants are on hand to help you compare health insurance plans from the most reputed insurers. 

Benefits of using Pacific Prime as a broker

The advantage of using the services of Pacific Prime is that we offer a vast array of additional services at no extra cost versus going directly to the insurer. These include:

  • Hospital information and recommendation
  • Administration assistance
  • Insurer liaison
  • Renewal negotiations
  • Claims support
  • Impartial advice
  • Plan comparison and analysis
  • And more

To get started, get a quote from our team today!

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