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5 ideas to boost employee engagement this Halloween

The spookiest time of year is here. With Halloween just a few days away, it won’t be long before ghosts, monsters, and other characters roam the streets looking for treats. But you might not have to venture far to get a fright. Not when you come to the realization that your company is riddled with disengaged employees.

As an employer or HR professional, it’s your responsibility to notice which employees physically show up at work yet do the bare minimum. Or the ones who don’t seem to care about looming deadlines and declining performance. Failing to spot disengaged employees could make your company a scary place to be, whether on All Hallows’ Eve or any other day.

The fact that employee disengagement costs UK businesses billions of pounds every year is enough to make you scream. Fret not! In this Pacific Prime UK article, we offer 5 employee engagement strategies to try this Halloween.

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1. Create a culture of appreciation

Employees who are engaged and passionate supporters of your mission are vital when it comes to improving the employee experience. Those with big egos will put their own needs first, without much thought for the group at large. Essentially, they’re far from team players and are unlikely to appreciate, or even recognise, their peers.

Creating a culture of appreciation at work is one effective way to form a more level playing field. Encourage the egocentric employee’s manager (and managers company-wide for that matter) to show appreciation more regularly. This can be done through shoutouts on the intranet and honourable mentions during meetings. Encouraging employees to play nice together and collaborate more often helps settle egos and break down silos.

2. Give (appropriate) credit where it is due

In every office, you’ll find an employee who is always after what someone else has and never seems to be satisfied. They are the ones who squirm in their seats when other colleagues receive hard-earned recognition or roll their eyes when anyone else gets praised. With this type of person, recognition divides rather than unites because they want to be the only one worthy of praise.

You can help combat this issue by making it clear that favouritism plays no part in employee recognition. Managers need to be able to give credit where it is due without worrying about how others will take it. However, there are ways to go about it to promote unity and avoid conflict, such as:

  • Set clear expectations
  • Offer consistent and regular recognition
  • Acknowledge those who do their jobs well
  • Focus more on the action than the individual
  • Keep track of participation

3. Build a culture of champions

Some employees seem to take pleasure in bringing their teammates down. They are the ones who rain on other peoples’ parades and steal the moments of recognition or celebration that matter to them. Don’t let the length of employment fool you when it comes to employee engagement, as the two do not always correlate. You may even find employees who have been at the company for years are the ones who advocate disengagement.

You’re going to need a culture of champions to restore balance and root for your initiatives. Champions are a chosen group of individuals who will help uplift and motivate others in your company. They continuously show up to work as the best versions of themselves and strive to help your company achieve and enhance business results, as well as improve the employee experience.

4. Prove that employee recognition works

New initiatives are often met with some resistance and scepticism. Some people want proof that something will work before giving it a go. For example, let’s say you’re planning on using a new employee reward and recognition programme. Responses might be along the lines of:

  • Recognition isn’t even genuine so why should I bother?
  • Recognition doesn’t matter, so what will come out of it?
  • My colleague’s daily actions aren’t worth my recognition

One way to keep the critics at bay is to provide solid evidence that it works. Designing and launching a new recognition programme takes time and effort, so it’s important that people use it. Show the naysayers that the programme will provide value by helping create a stronger and more effective workforce made up of engaged employees.

5. Celebrate Halloween in the workplace

No list of employee engagement activities for Halloween would be complete without something to celebrate the occasion. The annual holiday can be incorporated into practically any workplace and is an opportunity for employees to develop camaraderie with their coworkers and enjoy a break from their regular tasks. While you’ll have to choose Halloween company activities that are suitable for your workforce, some popular ideas include:

  • Office decorations
  • Team costumes
  • Costume contest and parade
  • Party games
  • Office party

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